Blaloon Blalympia 2

The fun continues! Available in the Nintendo eShop.


After the great fun with BLALOON BLALYMPIA, now comes the next level: BLALOON BLALYMPIA PART TWO. With even more party game fun action and a significantly improved look and feel for your favorite console. 


In four exciting mini-games all your skills will be challenged again: reaction speed, tactical skills and brains…

Whether for big kids or little kids – younger and young at heart: BLALOON BLALYMPIA PART TWO transforms your Nintendo Switch into a blatastic game-sport-fun machine for the whole family.

Slip into the role of a blathlete and win the second part of the Blalympic Games on Blanet Blaloonia! 

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The 4 challenges of the new Blalympics

Blaster Blattle Royal

Charge your blaster gun with air and push your friends off the arena! Blaster Blatte Royal is a mini-game in the last (wo)man standing tradition: whoever is left last wins!

Blacours Mania

Ride a Blanimal and win the race! On the colorful race track you can expect numerous funny hurdles and disturbances. Who will still manage to cross the finish line first?


Blattention is based on the legendary logic and strategy game Minesweeper and mixes the game mechanics with memory elements. The one who pays blattention and thinks along wins!


Who will be the first to hit the right Blaloon? Blaboom feels a bit like classic Olympic pigeon
shooting – but it’s a lot more chaotic and fun.

Meet the Blathletes!

The inhabitants of Blaloonia call themselves the “Blas”. They are about the size of balloons and are pretty funny characters.In Blaloon Blalympia, you can choose which Bla you want to compete with in the Blalympics! Each of the Blathletes is well prepared – and brings its own Bla-Moves to win the Golden Blaloon.
The best thing to do is to try them all out!

Celine – Dancing Queen

Ava – Bladventuress

Dan – Super-Blathlete

Benji – Explorer

Saki – Girl Scout

Emily – Tinkerer

Phil – Brain

Romulus – Cool Guy

The Game modes

Blaloon Blalympia can be played with up to four players or blalone at home. Besides the Blalympia mode, where you compete against each other in all four minigames, you can also play the minigames individually in training mode.