102 Light years away

Imagine we have to start all over again –
as an alien minority on a planet far away from mother earth.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWO LIGHT YEARS AWAY takes players to the “Wild West of
Space” of the year 2632 AD. On the Earth-like planet VOI-700 D, 102 light years away from Mother
Earth, the stranded passengers of a multigenerational spaceship which burned during the emergency landing try to find a new habitat for themselves. But that is not so easy …


2022 on Steam for PC

Space Western

Create your own adventure on the unique planet VOI 700 D while exploring the wide and beautiful nature it has to offer.

AI Dungeon Master

Play with up to 4 friends on one device, similar to your traditional Pen ‘n Paper games with the computer taking over as the DM!

Cut off from the rest of humanity, the settlers on
VOI 700 D lack the necessary energy resources to fully exploit their technical potential.

That’s why the settlers – despite their theoretical knowledge of mankind’s technical achievements – live in wooden huts, warm themselves at night by campfires or open fireplaces, and also try to make the rest of their everyday lives as low-energy as possible.

But this is not all:

Because the humans are not the only intelligent life form on their new home planet. VOI 700-D has been inhabited by different native tribes for many centuries. And these regard the new human minority on their planet extremely skeptically …

102 Light Years Away will be a collaborative pen ‘n paper driven adventure game for 1-4 players!


This means that we will combine the proven game mechanics of classic adventure games with design elements from the pen ‘n paper universe to create a very unique social gaming experience. To play 102 Light Years Away, players gather together in front of a screen or connect remotely using Discord or similar.

The computer takes on the role of Game Master, guiding players through their adventure on an interactive map. As usual in role-playing adventures, different quests are hidden on the map for the players to complete in order to reach the game goal.